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I think gallery pages, traveling pages, language related pages, cool sites will give enough information about me, my hobbies and my interest areas. 

If you want to learn more ...

I was born in Çaycuma, Zonguldak, TURKEY. I graduted with bachelor degree from Middle East Technical University, Computer Engineering Department in 1998. In the first years of my university years I have become a member of Cave Research Association (Mağara Araştırma Derneği - MAD). After 3 years later, I made an interrail trip through Europa includes Greece, Italy, Germany, France and Switzerland. 

Traveling around the world, not with any tour nor any travel organization, just myself... I think, meeting with other cultures and peoples will expand person' vision. I want to make my next trip to India, and I guess this will be through a planet not a country, as all travels should be.  I like reading books, especially science-fiction, fantasy and philolosophical ones. I like listening music also, techno to classics, pop to Anatolian-rock... I don't believe that any kind of music alone can express all the states of a soul, at least mine.